Soul Mate

A Soul Mate is a person that resides in another world that is spiritually linked to another (often called a "soulbond"). Due to the link that exists between the characters, they each can affect the other with the actions they perform in their world. If a one character becomes Brokenhearted, the other will become ill. Due to this link existing, is a person's sole mate dies in one world, they too will die in their world. The only known exception to this is Shadar who managed to kill his own Soul Mate and achieve immortality.
An interesting ability that most Soul Mates have is the ability to subconsciously recognize people that their Soul Mate has met but they themselves have not; an example of this was after Oliver met Myrtle, and Esther claims that there is something familiar about him, as if they had met before.

[edit] Differences and Similarities

Soulmates are not always the same species or gender as the other person, and on most occasions this is the case. Soul Mates may also not hold the same titles and power as their counterpart, some being more powerful in one world than they are in the other.

[edit] Soul Mates

Character Soul Mate
Oliver Shadar (or Lucien)
The Conductor
Esther Myrtle
Other Myrtle
Rashaad Rusty
Queen Lowlah Leila
Other Leila
King Tom Tommy Toldrum
Hickory Dock White Mouse
Philip Pip
Other Philip
Kublai Mr Genghis
Tengry Dennis

[edit] Unknown Soul Mates

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