Aliases Dark Djinn
The Executor
Destroyer of the World
Japanese Name Jobo
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Genus Nobilia
Habitat Nevermore

Shadar (Jobo in the Japanese version) is one of the main antagonists in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. He is an evil wizard who can interfere with an individual's heart, causing them to become Brokenhearted. Shadar can choose to fill their people's hearts with negative & depressing emotions or leave them with a lack of self-worth.


[edit] History

Shadar is the Soul Mate to Oliver, the protagonist of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Before the events of the game Shadar, then called Lucien, was part of a foreign army tasked with killing women and children in an unnamed village. However, Lucien couldn't commit himself to such a dark task and when the time came to pillage the villagers, he stood by and let it happen. However, he saved the life of a the Great Sage's daughter, who would later turn out to be the Great Sage Alicia.

After he was dismissed from the army for disobeying direct orders, he wondered around the world, coming to the conclusion the world lacked any kindness and was a world full of despair. It was when he came to this conclusion, the White Witch approached him and gave him the title of Dark Djinn and tasked him with destroying the world.

Sometime later, Alicia tried to stop Shadar's plans on destroying the world. When she confronted Shadar about a method she had to defeat him, by going to the Other World and confronting his Soul Mate, he revealed that he had since long killed his Soul Mate in anticipation should that weakness would be used against him. By destroying his own Soul Mate Shadar was able to achieve immortality. Unbeknownst to Shadar, however, was the fact that a Soul can be reborn. Leaving Shadar with that knowledge, Alicia cast the spell Bend Time, sending her into the future. It is in this future that she gave birth to Oliver in the other world, bringing back Shadar's Soul Mate.

Before she left for the future Shadar captured her memory in the Soul Snare, using it as bait for Oliver to think that he had captured Alicia, whom he presumed to be his real mothers Soul Mate, and therefore bringing Oliver to the world of Ni no Kuni.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

Name Description Wizard Companion
Evenstar Upon casting it opens a purple portal beneath the party and a purple orb appears. As it expands, cracks of white appear on it's surface before exploding and dealing damage to all party members. Evenstar is the most powerful of all dark magic spells, and its rune could olny ever be drawn by the most powerful wizards. Channeling the energies of the void, it draws its victims into a grotesque world of pain and fear. There are countless tales of wizard losing their lives attempting to master this spell - a just desert for coveting a weapon of such cruelty.
Teleportation Shadar can teleport from one place to another instantaneously. N/A
Bestow Nightmare Shadar can send a Nightmare creature into the hearts of the brokenhearted. N/A
Summon Familiar Shadar can summon his familiar, Eternal Night, onto the battlefield. N/A
Command the Eye of the Storm Shadar can control the fabled Eye of the Storm due to the White Witch bestowing such a power on to him. N/A
Sever Soul Link Shadar seems to have the ability to sever the soul link between his Soul Mate and himself thus averting following the same fate. However, according to a diary entry from a Young Woman, any of travel to the Miasma Marshes are capable of this also. N/A
Levitate Levitate is an ordinary spell, lacking any specific elemental attachment. It allows the caster to float several feet of the ground for a short period of time. Shadar can perform this spell effortlessly and more adeptly than Oliver can. This spell releases a wizard form gravity's clutches, allowing him to float weightlessly though the air.Of course, no human can escape the ground permenantly, and the time and distance for one which can float are determined by one's magical abilities. Many wizards have forgotten this, often with disastrous consequences.

[edit] Battle Information

[edit] Shadar

The dark sorcerer who shares a soul with Oliver. He seeks to build a perfect world, governed by despair.
- Creature Compendium

[edit] Analysis

Genus Weak Resist
Nobilia Light Dark

[edit] Rewards

EXP Gs Drop Steal
N/A N/A Wizard's Robes N/A

[edit] Tricks

  • Pyre
  • Fell Wind
  • Bleak Midwinter

[edit] Dark Djinn

Transformed by unfathomable despair, no trace of a human heart remains within Shadar.
- Creature Compendium

[edit] Analysis

Genus Weak Resist
Nobilia Light Dark

[edit] Rewards

EXP Gs Drop Steal
6720 7400 Jumbo Stardrop N/A

[edit] Tricks

  • Circles of Hell
  • Blast from Beyond
  • Fell Sweep

[edit] Relationships

  • Oliver: Shadar is Oliver's soulmate. Initially Shadar mocks the idea that Oliver will be the saviour of the world of Ni no Kuni. However as the events of the game unfold and Oliver proves to be a worthy adversary, Shadar gains an element of respect for him.
  • The White Witch: The White Witch is considered his only superior (other than The Zodiarchs) and as such Shadar is respectful yet fearful of her and her power.
  • Alicia: Alicia was the young girl that he once saved on a mission to kill women and children in an unnamed city before the events of the story began.
  • The Zodiarchs: Shadar detests The Zodiarchs, thinking lowly of them as individuals and any plans they concoct to take Oliver down.
  • Drippy: Shadar was the one that turned Drippy into a Doll before Alicia arrived in Motorville. He finds the fairy annoying.

[edit] Trivia

  • His name is likely to be derived from the star "Shader" (or Shadir), which is the name of the brightest star that exists within the Casseopeia constellation.
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