Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is the boss Oliver encounters in Mummy's Tummy, the stomach of the mother of all Fairies. It is accompanied by Jelly Baby's in battle.
This creature can be summoned by Oliver using Mornstar with the use of the spell Unleash. The spell allows him to use the "Bolt from the Blue" trick, a storm-type attack on enemies.


[edit] Battle Information

This jumbo jellyfish lures prey with the hypnotic beauty of its translucent body before swallowing them whole.
- Creature Compendium

[edit] Analysis

Genus Habitat Weak Resist
Nobilia Mummy's Tummy Fire Water

[edit] Rewards

EXP Gs Drop Steal
1020 1030 Spirit of the Storm
Ruby Ripple Ice Cream

[edit] Tricks

  • See Stars
  • Bolt from the Blue
  • Baby Shower
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