Porco Grosso

Porco Grosso is a boss found in Hamelin while trying to find the emperor of the city.


[edit] Appearnce

Porco Grosso is a mechanical hog shaped tank. The top is shaped like a pigs face with an elongated snout acting as the missile launcher. At either side of it's body it has small arms which act as secondary cannons. At its rear it has a small red and gold flag to symbolize it is Hamelin property.

[edit] Battle Information

The latest revision of the famous tank design that has helped defend Hamelin's borders for over a century.
- Creature Compendium

[edit] Analysis

Genus Habitat Weak Resist
Nobilia Hamelin Storm Physical Attack

[edit] Rewards

EXP Gs Drop Steal
1130 1630 Hog's Cog
Tower Toppler

[edit] Tricks

  • Porco Salvo
  • Hog Roast
  • Road Hog
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