Oliver (オリバー)
Japanese Name オリバー
Age 13
Race Human
Oliver (オリバー ; Oribaa) is the protagonist of the story in Ni no Kuni. He is 13 years old and lives in Hotriot City with his mother Arie whom suddenly dies. While grieving his mother's death he begins to cry, and a doll his mother had given him suddenly comes to life from Oliver's tears and reveals himself as a fairy named Shizuku. Shizuku then tells Oliver that that he can bring his mother back to life.
Oliver with his mother, Arie, and Shizuku in his doll form

[edit] Appearance

While in his own world, Oliver is plainly clothed in a yellow shirt, blue trousers with suspenders. Once Oliver travels with Shizuku his outfit can be seen as a blue vest over a white shirt white pants and a red cape.

[edit] Special Abilities

While adventuring, Oliver has the use of a magic book. He can also summon other fairies to help him out during battles and with puzzles.

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