Evenstar Spell Icon.jpg
Rune Number 46
Type Battle Spell
Element Darkness
Effect Shape N/A
MP Cost Unknown
Evenstar is considered the most powerful Darkness spell that exists.

It is initially seen during the fight between Shadar and Oliver. It deals more damage than Mornstar but less than Astra.

[edit] Wizards Companion Entry

Evenstar is the most powerful of all dark magic spells, and its rune could only ever be drawn by the most powerful wizards. Channeling the energies of the void, it draws its victims into a grotesque world of pain and fear. There are countless tales of wizard losing their lives attempting to master this spell - a just desert for coveting a weapon of such cruelty.

[edit] Description

Upon casting it opens a purple portal beneath the party and a purple orb appears. As it expands, cracks of white appear on it's surface before exploding and dealing damage to all party members.

[edit] Trivia

  • The pages of Evenstar and Astra differ slight in that their colours are inverted.
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