Cerboreas is the fourteenth boss in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and is encountered at the end of The Glittering Grotto. He is one of the servants of the Wizard King and protector of the Spirit of the Snow, one of the orbs required to fully unlock Mornstar.

Cerboreas can be summoned with the use of the spell Unleash which grants Oliver the use of his "Howling Blizzard" trick in battle.


[edit] Appearance

Cerboreas is a blue wolf-like creature in which parts of his body are composed of Ice. Around his neck is a spiked necklace which homes the Spirit of the Snow. Along his back are spires of ice which run from the back of his next to his hind legs. He also has a tail which divides into 5 at the tip.

[edit] Battle Information

The faithful servant of the Wizard King. Any who seek to prevent it from discharging its duties can expect no mercy.
- Creature Compendium

[edit] Analysis

Genus Habitat Weak Resist
Nobilia The Glittering Grotto Fire Water

[edit] Rewards

EXP Gs Drop Steal
2290 2680 Spirit of the Snow
Wolf Fangs

[edit] Tricks

  • Glacial Guard
  • Howling Blizzard
  • Cold Boulder

[edit] Trivia

  • Cerboreas is one of three servants to the Wizard King, the other two being the cap'n crossbones and Aapep.
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