Candelabracadabra using Snuff Out
Candelabracadabra is the boss creature Oliver encounters at The Tombstone Trail whilst trying to obtain Mornstar in the past.


[edit] Appearance

Candelabracadabra takes on the appearance of a large candelabra candle holder. He has three ghostly blue flames circling round his body. His head and neck are covered in a constantly melting wax coming from the large candle located at the top of his head.

[edit] Battle Information

It uses its uncanny candles to fight, and can befuddle the unwary with its eerie voice.
- Creature Compendium

[edit] Analysis

Genus Habitat Weak Resist
Nobilia The Tombstone Trail Light Fire

[edit] Rewards

EXP Gs Drop Steal
1290 1750 Noble Attire N/A

[edit] Tricks

  • Wacko Lantern
  • Boo!
  • Snuff Out
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