The Brokenhearted are people who have lost one or more pieces of their heart; Enthusiasm, Kindness, Courage, Restraint, Belief, Confidence, Love, and Ambition. It is only by using the spell Give Heart can a piece of their heart be restored. However, Oliver must first have one of these virtue's present in his Locket but taking it from a person who has too much of the aforementioned virtue by using the opposite spell, Take Heart.

[edit] Characteristics

Characters who are exhibiting a brokenheart will often act the opposite of the virtue that they are mission from their heart. For example, if they had lost their Enthusiasm they can seem quite sluggish and bored. Likewise those that have too much Enthusiasm will be energetic and bubbly.

Often if a person is brokenhearted, their Soul Mate can experience ill side-effects of this such as being ill or show the same symptoms of being brokenhearted themselves.

[edit] Reasons

A person can be brokenhearted due for a variety of reasons, however the most common is because Shadar has stolen the piece of their heart. On occasion, sometimes the root cause of the person being brokenhearted is also attributed to a Nightmare placed in their heart also. Nightmares will attack Oliver when he tries to restore pieces of heart, each one tailored specifically to the missing virtue.

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